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For professional window cleaning in St Petersburg, make Magic Touch your first choice. Our local window cleaning company specializes in residential, commercial & waterfront windows. Call us for a free estimate and to schedule your next window cleaning service. We guarantee a streak-free shine, every time!

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Residential Window Cleaning

Other window cleaning companies may have told you that the only way to get your windows clean and spot-free is with commercial-grade cleaning products. The truth is, harmful chemicals are not needed to clean residential windows. Our St Petersburg window cleaners only use high purity water; never any phosphates or ammonia. Because we use pure water versus hard water, you won’t have any mineral deposits on your windows once we are through with the job. Call us today to learn more about our window cleaning services and to get your free estimate.

As part of our Pinellas County window cleaning service, we also offer screen cleaning and repair because no matter how clean your home windows or patio doors are, if your screens are damaged or dirty, the view is less than desirable. Everything from pollen, debris, dirt, and bird droppings can gunk up your screen and make it hard to see through. If you’d like, we’ll take care of your residential window cleaning and screen cleaning during the same service call. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Window Cleaning

 We clean all types of commercial windows in St Petersburg for different businesses, including, doctor’s offices, retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, and more. As we mentioned above, we never use harsh chemicals. Aside from the fact that they don’t give the results we want, and they are harmful to inhale, they can also damage your landscaping. Dead plants outside of your building are just about as appealing as dirty windows to new customers.Contact us today to get started!

Making a great first impression on your potential customers or clients is always important. One of the first things customers will notice is the exterior of your building. If your windows are really dirty, you’re not off to a good start. Cross this maintenance task off your to-do list and call Magic Touch for all your commercial window cleaning needs. Our rates are affordable and we offer flexible scheduling to minimal disturbance to your workday. We’d be happy to give you a free quote and go over our maintenance plans with you; call us anytime!

Waterfront Window Cleaning

The views from waterfront windows in St Petersburg are amazing, but sometimes are obscured by saltwater residue and hard water stains. Other cleaning companies might have tried to clean your windows using different soaps or cleaning products, but the fact is they don’t work. When you mix hard water with harsh chemicals or soaps, they leave a residue on your windows that attracts dust, pollen, and dirt. The end result is still dirty windows!

At Magic Touch, we only use purified water paired with water-fed pole technology for the cleanest waterfront windows possible. Your neighbors will be jealous once they see how crystal clear your windows are! With Magic Touch, you get free estimates on all waterfront window cleaning services as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose except your dirty window problem. Try us out today and see why our reviews are so positive. Call us anytime to schedule service or learn more about our year-round maintenance plans.

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When you need window cleaning in St Petersburg, or any nearby city in Pinellas County, call the professionals at Magic Touch!

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